For body contouring operations you shouldn’t be using the list below for 3 weeks prior to your operation date;

Medicines/ drugs

  • Aspirin
  • Regular use of non steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs (naproxen, diclofenac, ibuprofens etc)
  • Oral or injectable contraceptives (birth control pills)
  • Steroids (cortisones, prednisone etc)
  • Immunosuppressive drugs

Herbs and foods with antiplatelet or anticoagulant effects

  • Alfalfa/// Garlic
  • Anise/// Ginger
  • Arnica///Ginko
  • Aspen///Ginseng
  • Black cohosh/// Horse chestnut
  • Borage seed oil/// Licorice
  • Bromelain/// Onion
  • Capsicum/// Papain
  • Celery/// Safflower
  • Clove Sweet clover
  • Dong Quai/// Turmeric
  • Fenugreek///Vitamin E
  • Fish oils (omega-3 fatty acids)/// Wild lettuce


Whether you quit recently or not.

Smoking “anything” has certain serious adverse effects on everything about the surgeries. Ideal is to quit smoking 2 months before your operation and never start again.

Body fat index is the most important factor that has direct effect on the results of body contouring operations. We are able to measure it most accurately with BMI.

Proceed if your BMI is lower than 32




Liposuction is the most basic body contouring operation. Fat gets sucked out and the treated area becomes slimmer. Liposuction can be done in every area where there is fat between skin and muscle.

Liposculpture is shaping the fat compartments over the body differentially, depending mainly on the underlying musculature and occasionally on the grooves and indentations of the ligamentous/ bony framework. Fat injections might be necessary depending on patient concerns to sculpt the body area. This technique is more sophisticated and complex thereby requires knowledge of the detailed anatomy of male/ female body also depends on the skin and soft tissue quality and characteristics.

Lipoplasty is the procedure to re-arrange/ reshape the adipose (fatty) tissue. Fat equalization, fat shifting, fat grafting (injection) and skin subcision techniques combined to correct the secondary deformities caused by a prior operation or trauma.

Liposuction is the most performed aesthetic operation throughout the world. It can be performed for all areas that have excess fat. Its purpose is to decrease the fat amount on the areas of concern thus thins out the operated areas of the body. Liposuction targets the deep fat compartment where most of the volume- weight gaining fat cells reside. For more information on liposuction “being a liposuction candidate”

Liposculpture is the most powerful body contouring operation which shapes the body areas relying on the underlying bony and muscular framework. It utilizes superficial fat compartment’s liposuction with intramuscular or subdermal fat injection techniques not only to thin out but to sculpt the body. It is also known as “High definition liposuction” “six pack liposuction” etc.. For more information on liposculpture “being a liposculpture candidate” “being a BBL (gluteal fat injection) candidate”

Lipoplasty is the procedure to correct deformities of adipose (fatty) tissue either caused by a prior liposuction, any other operation (orthopedics, vascular surgeries etc.) or structural (lipoedema, cellulitis etc) properties. It is rarely a single session treatment and doesn’t always have the strength to fully correct the deformities but to improve mostly. For more information on lipoplasty “being a lipoplasty candidate”


Tummy tuck is the operation to restore the abdominal contours to a youthful look. Abdominal deformities are mostly caused by vast weight changes, pregnancies and aging. All these causes expands skin to a degree that overcomes its elastic capacity therefore restrains its retraction amount causing excess/ loose skin and skin laxity. Without removing that excess skin it is not possible to achieve a better skin tone. Also with the pregnancies (especially multiple) abdominal muscles get separated from each other at the midline, causing the bulge of the internal fat around the organs. Abdominoplasty operation also repairs that diastasis (separation) of muscles to restore the muscular tone and prevents the belly bulge sourcing from the visceral fat around the organs. For most of the patients that have certain tissue characteristics liposculpture techniques are applicable to achieve unbelievable transformations. Excluding smokers I do high definition abdominoplasties for tummy tuck patients.

Post operative period of body contouring operations is quite as detailed as the surgery itself. Massaging is the inseparable component of superficial liposuction and I mandate all patients to get at least 3 massages a week for the first 3 weeks & 2 massages a week for the next 3 weeks up to 6 weeks in total. My physiotherapist starts massaging after around post op 36th hour. You’ll be able to get 2- 3 massages during your stay in Istanbul. After you go back you’ll still need to continue with the massages and this also ensures (if the masseuse is experienced enough) your healing and aftercare is going on its way. Drain holes may get popped open by you masseuse and excess fluid may get drained from them. Also there might be needs for syringe aspirations of the seromas. Compression garnment’s appropriate use is also is a must. You need to use the compression garments (stage 1-2-3 and the soft boards) at least 6 weeks – everyone heals differently so if we see you are still swollen and thick after that time garnments use may be longer up to 12- 16 weeks (3- 4 months).