This is frankly a new procedure world wide and now a days one of the most sought out operation of aesthetic surgery.

My technique is to do at least a 360 high definition torso liposuction and gluteal fat injection meaning you’ll have your torso completely shaped with your buttocks. When this procedure is done the way it should be and if you comply with the post op recommendations, keep a healthy diet and keep your weight steady the results you see at 3 months will be yours until you die – or become pregnant.

The volume of fat injected can not be determined depending on the patients wishes. As you can not fill in 10 liters of water in a latex glove there is a limit that every single buttock can take. On the other hand there are asymmetries on every body part since we are made up of organic molecules naturally there is no way that a living organism can be symmetric. In order to achieve an improved symmetry a surgeon has to inject more to the the smaller buttock hence that smaller side of buttocks is the one that determines how much fat can be injected.

Injection amount depends on tissue characteristics like skin and soft tissue laxity, quality and elasticity and varies from patient to patient for how much cc’s a buttock will intake.

I propose 3 options for gluteal fat injection (BBL) patients;

1. The “least” amount of fat to achieve a round nice looking buttocks
2. The “maximum” amount of fat that it can take “but still” to achieve a round and nice looking buttocks
3rd you leave it up to me which mostly means something in the middle of those two options

There is a misconception that patients lose some percent of the fat that is injected. Mostly pronounced percentages are between %30 and %50. This is not valid for my practice. I have patients that lose nearly “all” of the fat that is injected (minority). I also have patients that don’t even lose a single cc after a year (majority). There is no certain reason that I can tell why some of the patients are losing more fat while others don’t even lose 1 cc.

If you want to have exaggerated curves you need to consider 2 rounds of fat injection 6 – 12 months apart because it is rarely possible to expand skin that much in a single session.

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This procedure has a lot of debates and controversies. The gold standard of breast augmentation is breast augmentation with silicone implants. Implants are reliable, have been manufactured for more than 40 years and today we are using 4th and 5th generation silicone implants that doesn’t leak or bleed.

Nevertheless some patients may not want a foreign body in their breasts and may opt for fat injection.

The are several criteria for patients who wants to have breast augmentation w fat injection (in my hands);

1st you shouldn’t have a history of breast and ovarian and cancer in your first degree relatives (sister, mother, aunt etc)
2nd you shouldn’t have breast ptosis (saggy breasts)
3rd fat injection to breast is not able to upsize a breast more than 1 size (very rarely 1.5) so your expectations shouldn’t be high.

If you meet those criteria you can be a candidate for breast augmentation with fat injection- in my hands.

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This procedure is done for 2 purposes; for facial beautification and for facial rejuvanation.

One of the earliest component of facial aging is the volume loss of the soft tissue/ fat tissue of the face. It starts as early as the end of second decade and depending on genetic and environmental factors mostly at the periorbital area. Malar, cheek, frontal, temple and chin areas follow the volume loss as age increases. There might also be structural problems regardless of age like having hollow eyes, small cheek bones or inadequate chin projection etc.. It adds up the necessary volume to the areas that are in need and creates a younger, fresher and more beautiful look. It can either be done for full face (under general anesthesia) or to some parts of the face (can be under local anesthesia).

Fat injection for the face has a permanent effect unlike fillers. It also help to improve the skin texture thereby adds up to it’s already great benefits. It is an inseparable component of facial rejuvenation operations.

The only problematic area for fat injection are the lips. Because they move too frequently fat survival rates are significantly low and for most of the cases doesn’t worth doing it.

The fat that is harvested from a patients own body can be injected at a lot of different sites.

For high definition male body contouring fat is injected in pectoral, deltoid and biceps muscles.

For O- bind lower extremity deformities (parentheses leg) fat is injected into calves (medial lower legs) or into the medial gastrocnemius muscle.

For skin rejuvenation “fractionated fat” or “nano fat” the fat that is liquified is injected just under the dermis to improve the texture and quality of skin.
Even it can be injected to the vocal cords to make the patient sound more masculine

Fat is the “LIQUID GOLD” for the aesthetic surgeon.